"An Angel Baby's Cuddle Sent To A Family In Need"


Pink Molly Bear on Laptop with Glasses

What is a Molly Bear?

A Molly bear is a weighted teddy bear made to the specific weight of the baby that passed away. We provide a way to fill the empty arms of a family in need. Molly Bears makes bears for families enduring the loss of a baby from conception up to 12 months of age.

How can I get a Molly Bear?

To get a Molly Bear please fill out our order form on the 15th of the month. There is a countdown located on this website with a date/time on when the order form will be made live as well as it will be announced across our social media platforms, links are located at the bottom of this page.

Where can I read about Molly Bears Terms and Conditions?

For order information and other legal content, please refer to the Molly Bears Terms & Conditions page.

How can I help?

First and foremost we need donations. Without donations, we cannot continue to fill arms with desperately needed Molly Bears. For a complete list of ways to support Molly Bears visit our Ways to Support page..

How long will it take to get my Molly Bear?

We currently have a 3 month wait to receive your Molly Bear. For other opportunities to receive you Molly Bear sooner visit our Express Pass and Reward Program pages.

Can we design our Molly Bear?

There is a section on the order form for special requests. We ask that you limit the number of requests to two (2) items. Please know that we try to fulfill as many requests as possible. However, as part of our Terms and Conditions, "Molly Bears creators/artist have the right to create your bear with their own interpretation of special requests." Sometimes specific patches, embroidery or  bear shells are not available when your order is in production. Additionally, all of our bear shells have weight restrictions, so it is possible that you may see a bear shell or decor item that you love, but it will not work for the weight of your angel. While we cannot guarantee special requests, we will do our best to match your special requests as best we can. We do guarantee that the weight of your bear will match the weight of your angel to the closest half ounce.

What sizes are the Molly Bears?

Molly Bear Sizes:
  • Tiny Micro: 3 inches holds 0.5 ounce to 2 ounces
  • Micro: 8 inches, holds 2.5 ounces to 1 pound 4 ounces
  • Small: 12 inches, holds up to 3 pounds
  • Medium: 15 inches, holds up to 5 pounds
  • Large: 18 inches, holds up to 10 pounds
  • XLarge: 20 inches, holds up to 14 pounds
*Please note, lengths are listed only for comparison purposes. We cannot match the length of your angel with the length of the bear shell. Our guarantee is that the bear's weight will match the weight that you provide to us, to the nearest half-ounce.

Who can receive a Molly Bear?

A Molly Bear is provided to parents coping with the death of a baby from conception up to 12 months of age. Our policy is to provide one bear, per angel, per family. 

My friend/relative recently lost their baby.
Can I sign them up for a Molly Bear?

No, All orders must be placed by the parent of the angel. Although we know your heart is in the right place, a Molly Bear is a very personal choice. We require that the parents in need of the bear fill out the order form personally.

I'd love to volunteer to help make Molly Bears. How can I do that?

If you'd like to become a Molly Bear Artist or support us with inserts please fill out our Volunteer Application.

I lost my baby many years ago. Can I still order a Molly Bear?

Yes absolutely! Please signup for a bear. We would love to fill your aching arms. There is no time limit on grief. We've made bears for people who had losses 30+ years ago. They found their bears very comforting.

How do I make a donation?

To view the many ways you can support and donate to Molly Bears, please visit our Ways to Support Molly Bears page.

Do you accept donated teddy bears?

We do accept donations of teddy bears. They must be new, unused bears with the tags still attached. They can not be bears that still have tags but have been "sitting on shelves" for any length of time. If we receive bears that are new, but unusable (Example: Beanie Babies, jointed bears, or bears with "connected" or "sewn shut" arms and legs) we will donate them to a local Fire Department or Women's and Children's shelter. If we receive bears that are used (Example: Has stains, sticky spots, squashed or "loved" look) we will have to dispose of them. We can not gift a Molly Bear to a family that is used. We like to tell people, "If you'd like to see this bear arrive at your house as your 'Molly Bear,' then it would most likely be a perfect donation."

I live outside the United States. Can I get a Molly Bear?

I need to make a change to my order. How can I update it?

All orders will receive a second "Production Confirmation" email approximately 4 to 6 weeks prior to production.. Please hold all updates and provide them when you receive your "Production Confirmation" email. The only update we need to receive before then is a change in your email address. If you need to update your Email address, please fill out our Contact Us form and we can help.

Why isn't my Molly Bear Order showing up in "My Account" area?

If you were not logged into your account at the time of an order being placed, you may not see your Molly Bear order(s) under "My Orders" in your account. To link your order to your account, please fill out our contact form and let us know your name, username, Email address and what order(s) you're missing and we'll link your missing orders.

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