"An Angel Baby's Cuddle Sent To A Family In Need"

Rally Fundraising Rewards Program

Molly Bears has created a Rally Fundraising Rewards Program.

For any one person that raises $450 through their Rally Fundraising page, we will bump your order to the top of the following month’s list. $450 sponsors ten bears: your bear and nine others from our waiting list.
This $450 sponsorship will cover all costs, including extra shipping (if necessary), for the first bear.  If you have multiple angels and want to receive all of your bears, an additional $50 will be required to bump your entire order.
When your Rally page reaches $450, we will contact you to confirm the order you would like bumped to the top of the list for the following month.

If you already have a Rally Fundraising page setup, you can begin raising money by sharing your link with your family and friends.  
If you have not created a Rally page and would like to do so, here are the steps:

  • 1. Register

    1. Register

    • Click the Sign-Up button below
    • Create an Account 
    • Click “Sign Up”


  • 2. Add Your Story

    2. Add Your Story

    • Enter your Page Title (Headline)
    • Tell people why you want to raise money for Molly Bears in the Description
  • 3. Add Your Photo

    3. Add Your Photo

    • Share a photo that will help tell people why you are supporting Molly Bears
  • 4. Share Your Page

    4. Share Your Page

    • A box will appear that gives you information on how to share your page through social media and email
    • Once you are logged in you can view the settings of your account to adjust the amount you want to raise and other details
  • 5. Bump A Bear

    5. Bump A Bear

    With every $450 raised through your personal Rally page, we will contact you to choose one Molly Bear to be made within the following four weeks! Your $450 contribution will help us create your Molly Bear and nine additional Molly Bear orders off the top of our waiting list.

If you do not want to use Rally, you can still participate by making a single $450 donation. We only require that a single donation be made. We will not track multiple donations for this program.

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