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Sewing Inserts

Help Sew Inserts

Thank you for your interest in helping Molly Bears with sewing inserts! Inserts are used to give Molly Bears different weights for each order we create. The insert templates are listed below for download and printing. We will accept any number of sewing inserts at any time!

As an expression of gratitude for this service, if you are able to follow all of the requirements below, you will receive an Express Pass for your first donation of a Full Insert Set. An Express Pass will bump all orders from a single family. For instance, if a family has suffered a miscarriage and a stillbirth and has two order numbers, the Express Pass will be applied to both orders. Please include all waiting list numbers when you send the package to us. We will verify that they are for a single family.

Here are the details & strict requirements:

1 You must be able to access and use a sewing machine.
2 You must be able to donate fabric. Fabric must be new and either cotton or flannel material. The pattern or color of the fabric is not important.
3 If you wish to receive an Express Pass in exchange for the inserts you donate, you must send in a complete set of inserts. A full set includes 30 small heads, 30 small bellies, (Note-small: head and bodies are the same pattern we need 60 total, 30 large heads/medium bellies, 30 large bellies, 30 XL Bellies, 60 large arms, 60 small arms, 60 large legs, 60 extra-large legs). If you do not wish to receive an express pass, we will accept any number of inserts at any time.
4 The patterns needed are available for download below. All pieces must match the patterns. If we are unable to use the inserts you have provided, you will not be eligible for an Express Pass.
5 If we receive a package that does not meet our requirements, we will contact you. Whenever possible, we will work with you and provide the opportunity for you to fix the inserts and resend.
6 If you wish to receive an Express Pass in exchange for the inserts you donate, you must include a note with your package that includes your name, your Email address, and the waiting list number of the order you want to sponsor.
7 Once we receive your package, we will check that it meets all our requirements. After we verify all requirements are met, we will contact you to let you know and set up production of the order you wish to sponsor. You will then be notified of when the sponsored order will ship.
8 At this time, we will offer a limit of ONE express pass per person.

Key points to remember:

  • Cotton or Flannel Fabric
  • You must leave ¼" between the edge of the fabric and your stitch
  • Once you have completed the set, please include a note - with your Name, Email, and Waiting list number. You can send your package to:
    Molly Bears PO Box 61998 Virginia Beach, VA 23466
  • If you feel that you would be able to continue to create and provide inserts even after you have received an express pass, please feel free to make them and send them in as often as you are able.

Instructions for sewing inserts:

  • Please use any color cotton or flannel fabric.
  • They DO NOT have to be pretty; they just have to hold sand. The stitch should remain at least ¼” away from the cut edge all the way around.
  • It is not necessary to turn the fabric right side out. Inserts will be hidden in the Molly Bears anyway.
  • Lastly, I would personally like to say thank you for your time, effort and all the love you are putting into helping our team. This helps us all more than you could possibly know!