"An Angel Baby's Cuddle Sent To A Family In Need"


Waiting List Status Legend

Order Placed: This status means the order was placed and it has been assigned a waiting list number.

Awaiting Confirmation: This status means we have sent the customer a pre-production confirmation email and we are waiting for a reply.

Ready for Production: This status means the customer replied to the confirmation email and the order is ready for production.

In Production: This status means a bear maker has “checked out” the order and is working on it. Once "In production", the order should ship by the last day of the month.

Shipped: This status means the bear maker has completed the order and the bear has shipped.

Contact Us: This status means we have tried to send the pre-production confirmation email at least 3 times and still have not received a response. If this is your status, please email Confirm@MollyBears.org with your waiting list number.

Removed: This status means the order has been removed and will not be created. Either the order was a duplicate, or was placed under false pretenses, or the parents requested to be removed from the waiting list.

Order # Order Status First Name Last Name  
19958 Order Placed Danielle Albertson
19957 Order Placed Rachel Forrest
19956 Order Placed Natasha Moeun
19955 Order Placed Samantha Cameron
19954 Order Placed Casey Calvillo
19953 Order Placed Jennifer Wall
19952 Order Placed Charlotte Allen
19951 Order Placed Keelin O'Connor
19950 Order Placed Bridget Mott
19949 Order Placed Eva Berec
19948 Order Placed Amy Tharp
19947 Order Placed Natalie O’Connell
19946 Order Placed Lisa Berry
19945 Order Placed Lisa Berry
19944 Order Placed Angela Hackett
19943 Order Placed Makayla Lara
19942 Order Placed Caitlin Mansell
19941 Order Placed Madison Thomas
19940 Order Placed Rachel Goble
19939 Order Placed Kyandra Rowden
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