"An Angel Baby's Cuddle Sent To A Family In Need"


MollyBears.org is new with more features and better content

Welcome to the New MollyBears.org

SIX. That's the number of features and pages we think you'll like better on our website. We've spent a lot of time making sure finding the things that matter to you are easy to find and easy to use on any device or platform as well as faster, safer and secure.

Here's just some of the areas you may be looking for or may want to check out.


Every month we open the Molly Bears order form to Get A Bear. While following us on social media is a great way to know when it opens, we now have a countdown with the date the form will be live! 


Once you get your Molly Bear order placed and approved, you can track the progress in our new and easy to use Waiting List. This new list also makes it faster and easier for the Molly Bears Team to track progress of your order and make it faster to get your Molly Bear in your hands. 


Our new Molly Bears Shop is updated with new items, with more Molly Bears keepsakes coming soon that you asked for. We also have a new Account area for all your transactions, orders and donations setup for one easy place to find all things Molly Bears for you. 


It takes a lot to run the Molly Bears organization and while we have different and many Ways You Can Help Support Molly Bears, our new Donate form is an easy and secure way you can give a monetary gift to Molly Bears, it's also a way you can be featured on our new Donors Wall as a big thank you from us.


We love being able to show all the Molly Bears we create and get to send out to you. You can now view all our Molly Bear photos in our Gallery. To make all those Molly Bears, it takes a big Team of dedicated people and a LOT of sand. In fact to-date we've used enough sand to fill up a 40' Semi Truck floor to ceiling! See more of our stats on Our Process page.


Molly Bears helps promote public awareness in the infant loss community and want to help you and your family through this tough time. Please visit our Useful Links for additional support and help in the community. You're not in this alone.

We hope you'll love our new website as much as we had creating it for you. See a missing feature, broken link, have a questions, or just want to tell us how great of a job we did? Contact Us anytime. 
- The Molly Bears Team

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