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New Molly Bear Process

New Molly Bear Process

We're now offering more personalized options for your Molly Bear!

Effective today, July 30, 2018, we are excited to announce that we have made changes to our order form! Our order form now has a more detailed personalization section that will help our bear makers create the perfect bear for you! We are still following through with our policy of TWO special requests, but the detailed questions will help us understand what is important to you.

Additionally, we have added a $10 optional embroidery fee to our order form. In the past year, requests for an angel's name to be added have skyrocketed. We began adding names to bears because we had volunteers that had this capability already in their homes. The requests now outnumber the machines we have available.

With the added fee, over the next couple of months, we are going to equip all of our team members with embroidery machines so that adding a name is an option all of our bear makers have. This fee will also help to cover the extra costs associated with adding names and specialized patches to our bears. This fee is optional and is NOT required if you do not want to have your angel's name added to the bear. This fee will guarantee that if you want your angel's name on your bear, it will be there.


Our order form opens on the 15th of every month. To be placed on our waiting list, there is a $25.00 (USD) fee per order. We have a one bear, per angel, per family policy and all orders must be placed by the parent of the angel. This policy reduces duplicate orders, ensures that the parents have the opportunity to request personalization that is meaningful, and also ensures that every Molly Bear we create is wanted and needed by the family it is intended for. Surprise orders will not be accepted.


We can create a Molly Bear for children up to one year of age at the time of passing. Our Molly Bears can weigh as little as one-half ounce or as much as 14 pounds. We cannot match the lengths of the angel. If you have lost multiples, you will need to place an order for each angel individually.

The order form will walk you through a series of questions that will help us personlize your Molly Bear. Special requests are not guaranteed, but we do our best to fulfill up to 2 requests. We have recently added an optional embroidery fee of $10. This fee will only apply if you wish to have your angel's name added to your Molly Bear.


We cover up to $15 in shipping fees per order. Orders that are heavier than 6 pounds and all orders that ship internationally typically require additional shipping payments. Shipping payments range from $2-$95 dollars, depending on the weight of the Molly Bear and the shipping destination. Additional shipping payments will be calculated and collected 4 to 6 weeks prior to production.


Once the order is received, you will receive a confirmation email. Using your name or the waiting list number in your email, you will be able to find and track your order through our waiting list. Our current wait time is approximately 3 months.

About 4 to 6 weeks prior to production, you will receive a pre-production confirmation email. The purpose of this email is to verify that all information is still correct. Once you reply to that email, your order will go to production, and you will receive a notice letting you know when you can expect your order to ship to you.

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