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Shipping Rate Information

We cover up to $15 in shipping fees per order. Orders that are heavier than 6 pounds and all orders that ship internationally typically require additional shipping payments. Shipping payments range from $25-$90 dollars, depending on the weight of the bear and the shipping destination. Additional shipping payments will be calculated and collected 4 to 6 weeks prior to production

Order Form Agreement & International Customers

You must be the parent of an angel to submit a Molly Bear order.

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You must be the parent of an angel to submit a Molly Bear order.
If your child was older than 12 months, due to our 501(c)(3) status, we are unable to create a Molly Bear for you at this time. Please visit our Useful Links for referrals to companies that provide services to families that have suffered the loss of an older child.

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For Example: 1.5 pounds DOES NOT equal 1 pound and 5 ounces, this equals 1 pound and 8 ounces.
Click Here For a Weight Calculator

If you had a miscarriage, have a weight of one pound or less, or didn't know the weight of your angel, we have Molly Bear styles that can match the weight of a baby as small as one-half ounce (0.5oz). While these Molly Bears styles are an excellent representation of the size of your angel, these Molly Bears are not the easiest to cuddle. You have the option to request a larger Molly Bear that can be cuddled. Please indicate which bear size you prefer.

Please choose your preferred Molly Bear size.

Personalization Requests

It is important to remember that all special requests are not guaranteed. Our absolute guarantee is that your Molly Bear will match the weight you have provided us, and we promise the weight of your angel will be comforting in your arms.
We understand all too well that when our angels are no longer with us seemingly small details to some people can become big details to us. For this reason, we want to provide a personalized bear that is not only comforting but is also meaningful to you. Our team is all volunteers. Some of the requests that have been given to us are not possible for several reasons. Our team will do its best to match up to 2 of your requests.

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1. Please tell us what specific colors or patterns you associate with your angel. (I.E. Baby Blue, Purple, Royal Blue Chevron pattern, pastel polka dots, etc.)

Please enter a preferred color, pattern or style. If None, enter "None".
2. Please tell us if there was a specific theme you associate with your angel. (I.E. Butterflies, Zoo Animals, Nursery decorations, a Nickname, etc.)

Please enter a preferred theme or reference. If None, enter "None".
3. Please share any items that you do NOT want on your bear. (I.E. Nothing Religious, Please do not use a white bear, I don't like baby animals, etc.)

Please let us know if you want to exclude any items on your Molly Bear. If None, enter "None".
4. If you have a specific request, have seen a decor item, bear style or detail that you love, please list that information here.

If you do have any special requests or notes, please enter "NONE" (Limit 200 Characters)

Embroidery Options

Some of our volunteers are able to create personalized patches that include your angels name, but not all of our Bear Artists are able to do this. We have seen an increase in the request for names to be added to Molly Bears. At this time we are implementing a $10 embroidery fee. This fee will provide the funds needed to continue to purchase the materials required to create personalized patches and allow us to purchase equipment so that all of our volunteers have this capability. Please note that until all of our Bear Artists have the capability to add names to our Molly Bears, production times can be delayed if there is an overwhelming demand for embroidered names.
For embroidery, you may enter your angel's full name below, but we can only guarantee that your angel's first name will appear on the bear. If your angel's first name is a two word name (Examples: Mary Beth, Emma Leigh) please be sure to note that in the special request section of this order form.

Would you like your Molly Bear to include your angel's name?

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Please let us know your angels name for embroidery.

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You must agree to the Molly Bears Terms of Agreement.

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Molly Bears operates 100% off of donations. Please condsider giving an additional donation. A donation above $20 is not required to process your order. Additional donations made do not apply towards future shipping payments or embroidery requests.

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