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Molly Bear Testimonials


Our sweet girl Catherine lived only 20 days and succumbed to kidney disease in October 2022. Shortly after her death, we were informed about Molly Bears and their mission. We received our Molly Bear in March 2023 and it joins us on adventures and events. We recently took Christmas photos of our family including Catherine's bear. It weighs 2 lbs 8oz just like her.
- Amber Yancey

I’m so incredibly happy with my Molly bear. It instantly brought me back to the last time that I held my sweet boy. I will be forever grateful for all of my keepsakes but especially this one. 🤍
- Angel Reagan

I absolutely love my Charlotte bear. She arrived in good timing and I had her for my maternity leave with her little sister. Charlotte bear will be included in all family photos and how I physically always represent my Charlotte here. I miss her so much but holding my 6lb 1oz bear makes me happy. Thank you Molly Bears!
- Sarah scott

Evan Kenneth Cargal

Having a Molly Bear to honor my husband's and my son, Evan, in heaven, has been such a comfort to us. When our son passed away from complications of Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome in June of 2023, at the age of 8 days old, we were devastated. Although, nothing can replace our sweet boy, having a weighted bear that is exactly 3 pounds 12 ounces, the weight Evan was at birth, reminds us of what it felt like to hold and cuddle him. My husband and I bring our Evan bear to every holiday and family event and it is such a treasure to share and remember his presence with all of our loved ones.
- Julia Cargal


Our “Bodie” Bear brings us so much peace! I love that we can bring him with us anywhere we go and incorporate him into things at home. It is so comforting to be able to hold my bear and know that I am holding the weight of my Angel.
- Lauren Myers

I just wanted to acknowledge the amazing job you guys did for our Rafe Bear. Its perfect. We never got to hold Rafe after he was born and despite the tears that came with holding him for the first time, it was a wonderful experience. Thank you all so much for doing this.
- Michael Frenkel


It’s so beautiful! I cannot begin to say how much this made my day today. But just holding it and feeling the weight was so comforting. This is such a precious gift. I’m forever thankful and grateful to finally have her ❤️ Thank you for all your hard work and time you take to give us this precious gift and comfort.
- Megan

I was so heartbroken coming home from the hospital without my baby girl. The comfort I felt when I held my daughters Molly bear was so surprising and so very comforting. It took me back to the memory of holding my baby girl. I highly recommend ordering one if you’ve suffered a loss. The personalized weighted bear for your angel baby can bring such a comfort to your aching arms.
- Madalynn Holloway

Thank you so much for my bear! My sweet daughter was born asleep at 37 weeks. It was a very traumatic experience, but I am so grateful for companies who do things like this. I opened my box, hugged the bear, and just cried. It was a sweet reminder to us! 🦋
- KaeSee

Luke Weston Courtney

We lost our baby boy 1/1/2023 I was 38 weeks pregnant and he was perfect at 5LB and 11OZ!! It's been 6 months since I last held my baby boy Luke and holding this bear has brought so much emotion I can't describe. I love how this bear weighs the same as Luke did. When I get to missing Luke I have grabbed this bear and hold it and it brings a sense of peace. It's not the same as holding my baby boy but it is close and helps more than I can describe and that I'm thankful for.
- Casey Courtney

My daughter Amari Jennae Wheeler, passed when she was four months old. Receiving my molly bear today, allowed me allowed me to hold her one more time. Amari's Anniversary is July 14, being able to receive her bear to day really touched my heart. For Amari's first birthday I had wanted to do princess and the frog theme but when she passed I did not get that chance. I so grateful for my molly bear, I can tell it was done with love. Thank you so much! 💓

Alexander "Bean"

I can't express how grateful and blessed I am for this Molly Bear. I found out I was pregnant early January of 2022. My sweet boy, when I had passed him, was only 7 weeks along when God asked for my angel back. I struggled very hard with the acceptance of the loss for so long until I started a new job and a coworker of mine told me about Molly Bear. She had a miscarriage herself before her rainbow baby. She told me about Molly Bear since her and her husband had gotten one done for them after their loss and told me how much comfort it brought to them. I took the chance and said "why not?"

After I received my bear, I was overwhelmed with emotions. I could feel the love that was placed into him that it literally shook me to the core. That evening when I was just relaxing at home watching shows, I took my bear and placed him on my tummy, almost like he was hugging me. The weight of the bear truly does give off the same feeling as the energy he put off when I was pregnant with him which makes me feel even closer to him again. I can't explain the amount of gratitude I have for Molly Bear and what they are doing for these families just the same as what they have done for me now as well. I know I will be supporting this organization cause they are truly doing some of the most beautiful and loving work.

I will treasure my "Bean" bear the rest of my life and when I hold it, I know he is watching over me smiling. Thank you all again so much for this wonderful blessing. ♥
- Melissa Carow