"An Angel Baby's Cuddle Sent To A Family In Need"


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In Memory of Daniella Grace
"I lost my baby girl Daniella at 27 weeks and it was the most heart wrenching experience. Because I had to have an emergency c-section I was very medicated and did fully feel all the emotions I needed to. When I found Molly Bears I knew I needed this to help me grieve and cope. The minute I held my bear I knew this was the best decision I had made. All the foggy hospital memories of holding my daughter flooded in. Thank you so much for what you do. I can’t thank you enough!"

─ Kristal Cerda

In Memory of Mayson Allen Broadfield
"This bear brings me a peace I didn’t know was possible. My bear weighs 3lbs 4 oz just like my sweet Mayson did. My sons nursery was done in Toy Story and they were able to put woody on the bear. This bear will forever hold a special place in my heart. Thank you so much for giving me this peace of mind.

─ Kirstin Broadfield

In Memory of McKayla Leanne Bain
"Our Sweet McKayla Leanne was born on July 14, 2020 at 20 weeks. We received our McKayla Bear on November 18th which was two weeks before her original due date. I think all the time if that would have been her birthday. We absolutely love our McKayla Leanne Bear! We could not have asked for a better company to help grieving parents like my husband and I. Our bear goes everywhere with me. It helps me get through days that are bad and sometimes I just want to sit on the couch with her. I love having something that weighs just like our Sweet Angel McKayla Leanne."

─ Morgan Bain

In Memory of Wyatt
"Such a precious reminder of our baby boy, Wyatt. Taking family photos each year would not be complete without Wyatt bear!"

─ Julianna Lockard

In Memory of Ethan Leon
"When Ethan died 7 hours after birth I knew I needed something to help remind me of him. I didn’t get to hold him for very long but my Molly Bear now helps me remember what it was like to hold him. My bear is everything I asked for and then some. It was made with love from someone I don’t know and I wouldn’t change anything."

─ Shara Sztanski

In Memory of Benjamin Robert Stockman
"We have recently received our Benjamin Bear and when I opened the box, I was so overjoyed with happiness, it was an emotional moment. Holding the bear and knowing it is the same weight as our Benjamin, felt like I was holding him again, even for a short period. The comfort that Ben's bear brings to me is soothing. The bear is absolutely perfect from the attention to detail, the stitching, color, everything about I could not have asked for more. Thank you Molly Bears for the love you put in all your bears and bring comfort to many families, including ours. I'm looking forward to having our Benjamin Bear in family photos, events and travels so this little piece of Ben will be with us forever."

─ Michele and Bryan Stockman

In Memory of Sawyer Frost Roberts
"My bear was 100000% perfect and you instantly know it was made with love. It brought me and my husband so much healing and helped us in loving forward in our grieving process. Honestly couldn’t ask for something more meaningful."

─ Alex Roberts

In Memory of Andre Darnell Ortiz Jr.
"Our Molly Bear (Jr Bear is what we call him) brings us a ton of comfort. We have something soft and meaningful to add to photos. We recently welcomed our rainbow  twins and they love staring at Jr Bear. Thank you all so much we will cherish him forever."

─ Taniqua Bates

In Memory of Elijah Torres
"Received our molly bear today . Words can’t explain how much this means to me . I cried seeing this, because it came out so perfect . Having this bear really does bring a piece of comfort . Thank You All So Much !"

─ Samantha Romero

In Memory of Carlie
"I received my Molly Bear on the Anniversary of my Angel’s passing. Not only was my Carlie bear absolutely beautiful, but when I lifted her out of the box I was amazed at how much she felt like a real baby. So much that I have not put her down since she was delivered. Even my daughter was impressed by the way you instinctively want to hold her like a baby due to the precise construction of the bear. My bear included her name and butterflies in her special colors. In addition to the careful details was a handwritten card from a mother that assisted with the assembly and special touches of my Carlie Bear. Words cannot express the volume of my gratitude to Molly Bears, Sabrina and Baby September, June, and October for a memorial that I will cherish forever."

─ Jackie Trimble

In Memory of Harper Kaylani Bejar
"We received our Harper Bear about a week ago. As soon as I held it, I was overwhelmed with emotions. It made me feel like I was holding Harper one more time. I can’t thank molly bears enough for giving my empty arms some comfort with this special bear. The attention to detail to the things that represented Harper was just incredible; the bows on her hair, butterflies are what we associate with her, and her chest scar from her open heart surgeries. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this amazing bear and for the touching note."

─ Azucena Bejar

In Memory of Luke
"I just got my angel Master Luke Bear he was born sleeping on November 7th 2019 weighing 6lbs 12 ounces at 39 weeks he had a tight tight knot around his cord we adore him already. You guys at Molly bears give me and my family so much comfort and peace during this difficult time after losing my baby. My Master Luke bear means everything to me and I will always show him off. Having the weighted bear to hold and cuddle makes me feel like my Master Luke is right here with me, it’s a reminder that he is here and he was real Knowing I can hug him when I need a hug. It’s perfect . It’s so nice to have something tangible so that I can remember my sweet angel Master Luke. I miss my prince so much and it hurts but I’m happy that something was made for him for me to hold. Molly Bears I’ll highly recommend to anyone."

─ Sharanda Miller

In Memory of Fetey
"My Fetey Bear arrived this Morning. It is perfect. The attention to detail and the weight is so comforting. I love the little duckie ribbon and blankie included. My loss was in the first trimester and we didn’t know the gender yet. The only thing I had for my Fetey was a little plush duckie holding a blanket (That now sits on the bed if my rainbow boy) Having this little Bear is just nice to have something tangible. Something to remember my sweet angel baby. Thank you."

─ Megan Weber

In Memory of Benjamin
"My Benjamin bear means everything to me. The first night I got him, I held my bear so tight & fell asleep hugging him. Though I cried a lot, having my bear weigh what my Benjamin weighs was perfect. I miss my boy so much, I'm glad I have something made for him for me to hold. Thank you so much to everyone involved. Special thanks to Sabrina, Baby September, Baby June, & Baby October for my Benjamin bear."

─ Norma Garcia

In Memory of Elijah
"I lost my son to SIDS at just 3 months old on 7/9/13. My Elijah Molly Bear has been the most amazing gift. I received my bear a month after my mom passed unexpectedly. This bear helped to heal my heart and bring comfort in my darkest hours. In July of 2018 I was blessed with my rainbow daughter. She has taken a picture with her brother's bear every month. It continues to help us heal."

─ Meghan Forton

In Memory of Aiden Michael Eliason
"My “Aiden” bear means the world to me and couldn’t have arrived at a better time I have been missing my angel so much and struggling so hard I absolutely love my bear! Thank you so much for providing some comfort to grieving families, it’s truly a blessing!!"

─ Sadie Eliason

In Memory of Valor Wyatt Lowe
"He means everything to not only is parent but our kids he was number 12 for us so our kids lean on his bear for everything. We promised every family trip we took every thing we did he would be with us. This was his actual due date he got to take his first trip to the beach."

─ Rachel Low

In Memory of Declan
"We are so thankful for Molly bear and how our Declan bear gives us comfort and remembrance. Evan and Declan were identical twins. Declan passed away the day they were born because of some cord accident and he had white angel wings on his chest. Love that we have our angel with us always and our molly bear gives us something to hug."

─ Sara McKinney

In Memory of Kaydence Anderson
Our Molly Bear means the world to us. It gives us a small piece of heaven in our home. Our 20 month old son was to little to know his sister when she passed away at 1 week old, and having this bear gives him something to hold and call his "sissy". We are so thankful for the dedication Molly Bears gives to every bear so we can have a small piece of our baby in our hands!!
─ Ashley Anderson
In Memory of Braxton
Our Molly Bear has meant the world to us. We got the Bear literally 7 days, a week before our rainbow baby. I took this Bear with us to the hospital, the same one we had our son in. 
This picture means so much to me, it has Braxton’s blanket that we were able to hold him during the little less than 24 hours we had with him. It has his molly Bear that is so heavy, our boy was a chuck, that it can support his sister in sitting up.... which makes me smile, it’s like he’s holding her, and is in her room and watches her sleep. And then the elephant has the same yarn from the blanket that was crocheted for us that he was Buried in. 
This Molly Bear has helped me grieve loosing my son, Braxton, in more way than I could ever imagine. Your work is so touching, and amazing. I would love to be able to help, if needed.... your more than welcome to use my picture in any way, and I have the Rights to it.
May god bless you all, you are doing amazing work to families who have lost a piece of the their heart for forever. And when we need it, we can just hold our bear and snuggle/cuddle/ cry or whatever you need to do, and also help our little girl understand a little bit better. 

─ Amanda Wells

In Memory of Zoey Elizabeth
This was the first of many family photos that would have all six of us represented in it. Our Molly bear for Zoey is more than just something that fills my arms (which it does for all of us on many, many moments when they feel so empty and ache for Zoey to be in them). Our Molly Bear is a way to help us keep her where she belongs, our 3rd child in the picture with all of us. I can have her represented and know that she is still a part of our lives and will still be represented in our photographs. I knew that my Molly Bear would mean so much to me, but I had no idea how much it would also help our children. Although for the rest of my life until I hold her again I will always see her right there with her siblings as a shadow of what I feel should have been, I will take what I can get and this bear means the world to us. Thank you for sending our Zoey bear to us, we just love her!
─ Chantel Fry
In Memory of Gavin Wayne McVay
We adore our Gavin bear. Just to be able to pick it up and hold it, gives us comfort. Our bear weighed as much as Gavin did. Molly bears was able to give us peace when we could not give it to ourselves. Thank you.
─ Leah Moore
In Memory of Jakoby Anthony Fleagle
My Molly bear means the world to me, it gives me one more thing to remember my son by. Also gives me the ability to remember his exact weight and what a big boys he was when born. It also gives me a way to include Jakoby in all our family photos and memories.
─ LaCole Fleagle
In Memory of Joanna and Tillie
When we lost our first daughter, Joanna, getting our Molly Bear gave us something to hold onto. When we got pregnant soon after with our Tillie, we never thought we'd be needing a Molly Bear for her too, but we did. Now we have both bears to hold whenever we need that extra comfort from our girls. I love that they each have a little something to represent our girls and their different traits. (Elephant and purple for Joanna, monkey and pink for Tillie.) They don't replace our daughters but they are the perfect representation of them.
─ Katie Tofteland
In Memory of Bronson Alexander Martinez
My Molly Bear Hippo represents my son Bronson who passed away at four months old to SIDS on 9/11/15. Bronson Hippo weighs 8-1 and is thoroughly decorated with Squirt, Dumbo, Star Wars, and a Mickey blanket that Bronson used to adore. Bronson Hippo has been in Santa pictures with my nephew, our pregnancy announcement, and a few family gatherings. We just welcomed our rainbow baby, Brendon on 1/27/17 and this picture turned out perfectly. Brendon is wearing a onesie that says "Handpicked for Earth by my birthed Bronson in Heaven

─ Bridget Martinez

In Memory of Juliette June Albertine Getchell
Our Molly Bear means piece of mind. Knowing if I needed a hug I can hug it. If I needed to talk I can talk with with. I always show my bear off to anyone that will let me tell her story and I always recommend Molly Bears to angel mom's & families. Thank you for an opportunity to have our little girl near even though she is so far away!
─ Katie Getchell
In Memory of Keva Faith
Losing our girl at 10 weeks gestation was devastating. Trying to find support was another issue. I felt I didn't belong amongst the stillbirth/2nd and 3rd trimester losses, and SIDS parents. I never could have imagined that a Molly Bear was made so small to honor my lost daughter. But I was wrong. I found love and support amongst the stillbirth and SIDS parents, and I discovered that Molly Bears does indeed honor babies born that small. My Keva Faith bear is so special to me because I never got to meet my daughter earthside, but I have something tangible made just to honor her short little life.
─ Amy Donahue
In Memory of Camden James
Our son, Camden James, passed away December 13, 2015 after living for 37 minutes. He had a very rare syndrome called Pallister Killian syndrome as well as a congenital diaphragmatic hernia. Our Molly bear is so special to us and provides so much comfort to our family, especially when we are missing holding our sweet 6 pound 3 ounce little boy!
─ Erin Urbanski
In Memory of Juno Michelle
My daughter Juno Michelle was born sleeping on September 15, 2015. She was 8lbs 4 oz and 18.5 in long. I am so thankful for my Molly Bear. It does bring me comfort when I am missing my precious girl. To honor my daughter I am now a certified birth and bereavement doula. I can now help those through a terrible loss like I have experienced. Thank you for this wonderful organization.
─ Michelle Michniewicz
In Memory of Emma Kate
Our Emma bear is so special and we are so lucky and grateful to have found Molly bears right after we lost our girl. Having the weighted bear to hold and cuddle with makes it feel like Emma is still with us, we don't have much physical evidence of Emma's existence in this world so it's nice to have the bear as a tangible reminder that she was here and she was real.
─ Julie McEldowney
In Memory of Paislee
My Molly Bear is a physical piece of my angel. A piece that I can reach for when I need to feel that extra comfort in my arms. It's also eyes for my Paislee. Eyes to remind me that my angel is watching me, which makes me strive harder to make her proud. Although my child cannot return to my arms, I have my Paislee Bear to reassure her presence in my heart and soul.
─ Jillee Brown
In Memory of Cora Rose
When we lost our daughter Cora our children were small and didn't understand, but now they are older and they always want to take our Cora bear with us on trips, to the zoo or even to sleep with her in their beds. I'm so grateful for our Cora bear it has made things easier. It's always a piece for conversion when we have guest over, which I love because I love keeping her spirit alive.
─ Lauren Caster
In Memory of Bennett
I lost my son Bennett March 22, 2015, he was 1 day old. He was full term and I had a healthy pregnancy. When I went into labor we learned that he was stressed and needed to be born immediately. He had inhaled meconium while he was still in the womb. This Bennett Bear has done so much for the healing of our family and provided comfort to us when we needed it most. This Bennett Bear will forever be apart of our family and will always be in our family pictures. He is picture here with his rainbow brother Colton.
─ Courtney Reule
In Memory of Cohen Michael Isenberg
Our Cohen Bear is so special to us. It's proven to be a wonderful way for us to connect him to his little sister, our rainbow baby, Ruby. We plan to use our bear to remind Ruby every day that she has a big brother in heaven.

─ Laura Isenberg

In Memory of Cameron Michael Obert
I can not even begin to explain how much the Molly Bear means to our family. Loosing my first born was the hardest thing to ever go through. Knowing my girls would never know him made he even harder sometimes our Molly Bear is a big part of our family and to my daughters so they can snuggle with their older brother.

─ Ashley Obert

In Memory of Mirayah
Our sweet Mirayah was born sleeping at 38 weeks July 5th, 2012. Our bear has brought so much comfort to our family. Her older brother and younger siblings love to cuddle with "Mirayah Bear"., and we love that we have her to represent Mirayah in our family photos.
─ Kelly Waller
In Memory of Hailey
Family picture with my rainbow baby and her big sisters bear. I used to have her bear on my bed to be able to touch her everynight. She now watches over her little sisters room!
─ Amber Rohrer
In Memory of Lawrence & Gregory
After many rounds of infertility - we finally got our Rainbow baby - Sadie Lucille. I am thankful every day for her but I miss her big brother and twin brother every day as well. This pic is her with her brothers and it means more to me than you will ever know. We just - sadly - received our 3rd MollyBear in the mail and the emotion that comes with that box is something that I can not describe. Thank you for everything you do.
─ Holly Losinno
In Memory of Aubree Marie Schaefer
My Molly Bear means the world to me. Just holding her and her being the same weight as my daughter makes me feel happy. It's like I'm holding my daughter in my arms and not forgetting that feeling. I lost my daughter March 2, 2014 at 22 weeks and two days pregnant. She lived for 3 1/2 hours before she passed away. It was the worst day of my families life. Fast forward to 3 years later and we are expecting our rainbow baby which is a little boy due in April 2017.
─ Amber Schaefer
In Memory of Gracelyn Joy Hubbard
Our molly bear (or Joy bear, as we call it) has been such a blessing to us. We love being able to hold our bear & remember what it felt like to hold our Joy. Every time someone asks questions about it, it gives us an opportunity to share Joy's story & we love being able to include our bear in family photos so that we aren't leaving her out. Thank you guys so much for what you do.
─ Tiffany Hubbard
In Memory of Kyndall Jo
This group is truly amazing in all that you do for us mothers in the time of loss, emotion and heartache. Years may pass but the heartache of losing your child will always remain. Being able to grab my Molly Bear and bring back the memory of holding my baby girl for the first and last time is something I can never explain.. So thank you from the bottom of my heart for this special gift that you can give....GOD Bless you all.
─ Kylie Petty
In Memory of Colton William
Other than a few photos, our Colton Bear is all we have left of our baby boy. It's extremely special and has been a large part of our healing process. My daughters love our Colton Bear and love to include him in family photos, birthday parties and movie nights. He's a super special part of our family!
─ Trisha Jones
In Memory of Jamison Bane Fayo
Jamison was stillborn April 28, 2015 at 39 weeks. We lost our second angel November 2015 at 11 weeks. When we found out we were pregnant again February 2016, my husband and I were excited and terrified. We wanted this pregnancy to work out, but with 2 previous losses, it was hard to stay positive. We continued to just assume we'd lose this baby too. We basically held our breath for 36 weeks.

My OB would not let me go to full term due to our losses, so we were supposed to be induced at 36 weeks. The baby had turned back around and I would need a c section because he was breech. I was terrified.

We brought Jamison's Molly Bear with us to the hospital for support and because we knew Jamison would be watching over his little brother.

Maximus Silas Fayo was born October 6, 2016 at 6 pounds 5 oz with no complications. We know his big brother is watching him every day.
─ Andrea Fayo
In Memory of Laynie
Our molly bear means so much to us. Losing a child leaves a void in you that will always be there. The molly bear gives us a beautiful physical reprenstation of our angel. Our surviving daughter and angel were identical twins born very prematurely. This picture was taken at our survivors 1 year pictures. It shows how far she's come and allows us to have her sister in the picture too. Something that is extremely precious.

─ Stephanie Chafin

In Memory of Skylar & Carlie
My Skylar and Carlie bears give my whole family something physical to hold to remember our angels.
─ Traci Ennen
In Memory of Bryce Halen Graves
My son was diagnosed with Full Trisony 18 in my 11th week of pregnancy. I was told to terminate the pregnancy but; I felt he deserved a chance to survive. I carried him for 32 weeks. I went for a routine appointment and found no heartbeat during my checkup. My sweet Bryce Halen was born December 19, 2012, at 2 pounds 1.4 ounces, and 14 inches long. He fought for as long as his little heart would let him. My Molly Bear represents everything I have to remember about my only child. He is his weight so; he is just such a perfect memory for Bryce. I sit and rock my baby bear, I cuddle with him, and I sleep with him. I love my Bryce's Molly Bear.
─ Mary Graves
In Memory of Benjamin
We love our Benjamin (Molly) Bear. Our oldest sleeps with him. When we found out we were having our third we knew we wanted to have a new family picture. I was sad that we'd never have a picture of all of us, but being able to have a tangible thing represent our son in the pictures was so meaningful. This is a picture of our three children. Claire, Benjamin, and Eliana.
─ Michelle Wheat
In Memory of Kathrynn
This photo is with our rainbow baby, Kaitlynn. They told us we would most likely not have another baby after a uterine rupture at 20 weeks. With half a uterus, one ovary, one fallopian tube, and a ton of faith.. we made it to 35 weeks!!! Our bear is a daily reminder that we have an angel watching over us. It has made long days of longing to hold Kathrynn a little easier.. with something real to hold.. THANK YOU!
─ Jennifer Rost
In Memory of Blake Ann
Our daughter, Blake Ann was born at 28 weeks gestation, and lived for 10 days. About a year and half later, our rainbow baby was born and just 2 days before he was born, I received our Blake bear. I cherish it so, and use it for all of our family pictures. Our 3 year old has come to love it as well and I have to keep him from dragging it everywhere we go! His "sister bear" as he calls it means that he understands, and that he will always know she is there for him. I held it and cried as I awaited his arrival in the hospital, praying, for a healthy baby. And now my healthy baby gets to sleep with that same bear every night. Thank yall for doing what you do. It means so much to so many grieving families.
─ Katelyn Long
In Memory of Olive Jean Taray
This is our rainbow baby born 3 days short of a year after losing our daughter Olive to trisomy 18. I was 21 weeks gestation with her when she passed away peacefully inside my belly. I love this Molly Bear so very much and will treasure her forever. Thank you for everything you do!
─ Samantha Taray
In Memory of Avery
My Molly Bear means the world to me, it gives us a physical symbol of our angel for pictures and to remind us that she is gone but not forgotten.
─ Dori Bean
In Memory of Rowyn Faye Reeser
My Molly Bear gives me comfort I thought I would never receive when I lost my daughter. It gives me a place holder on special occasions & for pictures & something to snuggle up to when I'm lonely.
─ Sydney Reeser
In Memory of Azalea Joy Bowers
Azalea's bear not only brings me comfort but I can show Elijah (my rainbow baby) her bear and it helps him to understand that this bear represents his sister he never got to meet, his sister, that without her death, he wouldn't be here today. He loves her bear so much.
─ Brett Bowers
In Memory of Annaya Marie
Our Annaya Bear is a member of our family. She is present at all of our events, milestones, trips, and most of our photos. She has comforted many tears, holds the secrets of her big and little sisters and has been worked into her big brother's high school graduation.

Our Annaya Bear accompanied me to the United States of Women's Summit in June 2016. While I was unable to get close to the President, First Lady and countless other dignitaries, famous people and fellow advocates, simply having her there to share in the experience speaks volumes.
─ Nneka Hall
In Memory of Taelyn Faith
My Molly Bear gives me comfort on my weakest days. It makes me feel like my daughter isn't forgotten and is still a major part of our family. Especially after the birth of our rainbow baby, who I believe was handpicked by her sister in Heaven.
─ Ashley Townsned
In Memory of Liam Thomas Hurley
I lost my son at 19 weeks after my water broke at 17 weeks. Our Molly Bear allows us to still include him. This pic is I was pregnant with my rainbow..
─ Peggy Bohn
In Memory of Tanner Mitchell Treadway
Tanner is my 18 year old son Tyler's twin. It means I can hold my sweet Tanner again. It gives me something to hold onto until I can hold Tanner again!!! I'm so thankful to the volunteers and creators of Molly Bears. You have helped so many families. God bless each and every one of you.
─ Tausha Treadway
In Memory of Jack & Sophia
We have two Molly Bears in memory of our twins Jack Alexander and Sophia Marie. I was almost 23 weeks pregnant when I went into labor with Jack and Sophia. Jack was stillborn and Sophia was just too small to survive. We knew we wanted to include them in the picture with our rainbow baby and this was a perfect way to do it. I know their little sister will cherish these bears forever when she's old enough to understand how much they mean to all of us.
─ Megan Shutack
In Memory of Bentley
Bentley bear gave my family hope, when darkness seemed to overshadow us. Our Bentley was stillborn on 10/17/2012 at 39.5 weeks gestation. He was born on my birthday, so the heartache is twice as hard. He was the second of our four losses. 2 miscarriages and 2 stillborn. Our fourth child Riley was stillborn 03/22/2014 at 22 weeks gestation. We didn't know if we wanted to try again, but prayed. Finally we fell pregnant with our miracle rainbow baby Landon. He was born 01/28/2016. Perfectly healthy. Through the darkness I held my bear close knowing everything would be ok.
─ Barbara Childress
In Memory of Daniel Lee Rodriguez
Our Molly Bear gives us a little piece of our son to include him in family photos and to make sure our children can cuddle him and never forget him.
─ Maeva Da Ru-Rodriguez
In Memory of Wiley Everett Spangler
Our Molly Bear is a way to remember our baby that passed away, and a way to help his surviving twin remember him and understand that he will always be with him.
─ Cortney Spangler
In Memory of Juniper Wren
This picture was taken of all my mom's grandchildren. Mom passed away March 8th, 2017. I took these photos because she wanted pictures with her and her grandbabies for Easter. Five months earlier we lost our daughter, Juniper. I'm so blessed to have her in this picture, where otherwise there would be a big hole. Our Juniper bear is with us in every picture, on every holiday, and even sleeps with me. She keeps my nightmares away.

Thank you for your beautiful gift, so our family photos don't have a big gap, obvious hole, or empty lap.
─ Meghan Stacy
In Memory of Hunter
Our Molly Bear is the center of our home. We received our Molly Bear after our son, Hunter passed away at 34 days old due to complications from a Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia. When he was born we were not allowed to hold him. We were not allowed to hold him until he took him last breath. When we held the Molly Bear for the first time, it was our first glimpse at what it would have been like to hold Hunter. From then on our Molly Bear has been the focal point of all our family photos. Our Molly Bear can be seen in our oldest sons first day of school, our rainbow babies first Christmas, family gatherings and birthdays. Our Bear is a small but important part of our most precious memories. It gives us comfort having him around when Hunter can't be. He sits on a bench made from Hunter's crib at the entry of home, where we can raise awareness to all that enter our home.
─ Caitlyne Moak
In Memory of Kali Iris
That her little brother gets to hold his sister in real life.
─ Kala Groves
In Memory of Kowen Rees Smith
This photo is of our rainbow baby and our Kowen Bear. Our son was stillborn at 30 weeks for no known reason. I can't begin to explain the pain of his loss. We were blessed to bring home our rainbow baby girl just 10 months and 22 days after our son was born. Having them so close together has had its ups and downs, our Kowen Bear has become Avelyn's very special friend who she gently hugs and kisses as if she knows how special he really is. He filled my arms when they were empty, I had lost our son and was desperately hoping for our rainbow to make it here safely. I know this bear will help Avelyn feel as connected to Kowen as she grows we do.
─ Elaine Smith
In Memory of Kylie
We love our Ky Bear! It gives us the physical presence of our Kylie for which we yearn. Life without Kylie is hard, but having our Ky Bear helps us get though the tough times. We miss her a lot and having our Ky Bear gives us the chance to snuggle with her when we need to. The older siblings really love having her to snuggle and sleep with as well. It has helped them in their grief journey. I can't wait to have her younger sister get the chance to have her snuggles with Ky Bear since she never will get the chance to in this life.

I'm so glad I found out about Molly Bears after Kylie passed away. It has been a blessing that I can have something tangible to remember Kylie. What a great organization! Thank you.
─ Leslie Trieu
In Memory of Jameson Thomas Durfey
Our Jameson bear means everythibg to us. Our family is able to have a piece of our son and our twins, that will be 2 on april 5, will be able to take pictures with their older brother. It calms my heart to know we have something so significant of our son.
─ Brooke Durfey
In Memory of Rowyn Faye
This is my Molly Bear & rainbow daughter Rilyn skye. When I'm sad I pick up my Molly Bear & hold her really tight, it's such a comfort to me & my family.
─ Sydney Reeser
In Memory of Caden Markham & McKenna Violet
Our Molly Bears are a reminder of the happiness and comfort our twins brought us when we held them in our arms the first and last times. We will use them as our son Easton grows up so that he knows his brother and sister and feels a connection with them forever.
─ Mia & Michael Douglass
In Memory of Ruthie Jean
Our Ruthie Jean Bear is so special to us, she has brought so much comfort and joy back in our lives. When we hold her it brings back all the memories we had snuggling Ruthie in the hospital. Knowing that our bear weighs the exact amount our sweet angel weighed makes holding her even more special! Three weeks ago we were blessed with our rainbow baby so now we get to watch our rainbow grow up with her sissy bear!
─ Heather Strickler
In Memory of Sawyer Erik Williams
Our "Sawyer Bear" means the world to our family, especially our other children. It is a physical representation of the love we are missing yet cherish in our lives. Our Molly Bear comforts when our hearts are heavy, and provides empty arms with a tangible memory of our beloved Sawyer. We are forever grateful to the team at Molly Bears.
─ Michelle Williams
In Memory of Evangelina Rose All
My Evangelina bear has helped to keep her memory fresh. There are times when I just need to hold her, since I only got 14 hours with her. It brings me back to the memory of that day but allows me to feel joy instead of heartache in doing so. My twins love their "Eva bear". They give her kisses and hugs in the mornings.
─ Joanny All
In Memory of Abby Rose Thomas
It's a tangible, special way to represent Abby in family photos. We don't have to just hold up a photo of her; we are able to hold this soft, sweet little bear that was custom made just for her.
─ Michelle Thomas
In Memory of Isaiah Daniel Tubb & Herbie Tubb
I'm struggling to find adequate words to explain the magnitude of our love for our Molly Bears. These Bears represent our sons, Isaiah & Herbie, and they have each given us so much more than I ever could have imagined. Being able to have all three of our precious children represented in this photo means the absolute world to us! Thank you to Molly Bears for giving us a tangible piece of our boys that we can proudly display and include in our daily lives!
─ Kandis Tubb
In Memory of Eleanor Josephine Morgan
Our Molly Bear is a way to keep her included in our family and show the world our daughter existed. She fills the physical space our daughter left behind so everyone can see the additional family member that should also be with us.
─ Natalie Morgan
In Memory of Sofia Natalie
We got our Molly bear, after our daughter was born sleeping at 20 weeks. This sweet little bear was so comforting to hold when our arms were so empty, and longing to hold our sweet Sofia just one more time! Our Molly "Sofia" bear is part of our family, we use this bear to represent our angel in all of our family pictures and plan to do so for the rest of our lives!
─ Elizabeth Benner
In Memory of Amelia Ferrari
Amelia was my first baby and she was stillborn at 23 weeks; after delivering, the hospital let us have some time with her and it broke my heart to let her go. Leaving the hospital empty handed was extremely heartbreaking and my arms constantly longed to hold her again. When I first held the Amelia bear, the height and weight were perfect. The bear lay in my arms the exact way my daughter did.

I'm so grateful to the Molly Bears organization for such a perfect bear. Although it is not my baby Amelia, you filled my arms again!

I recently gave birth to my rainbow baby, Nicholas Joseph. He is pictured here with his older sister's bear. It consoles my heart knowing Nicholas will always have a part of his sister with him through the Amelia Bear.

Our Angel Amelia will forever be in our hearts.
─ Anna Ferrari
In Memory of Adriana Natalia Adamo
Adriana was a full-term baby and was over 8 lbs when she died at 12 days old. Adriana was our first baby. She was severely injured during labor and delivery and wound up brain dead because her injuries were so severe. She would be 7-years-old now. I love having the Adriana Bear to use in pictures so that my whole family can be represented. Adriana Bear has a green ribbon because Adriana was an organ donor and was able to donate 5 major organs to save 2 other babies' lives.
─ Karen Adamo
In Memory of Riley
Our Riley Bear is so important to us; this bear represents a person so pure, they were asked to skip our earthly world entirely. We are nothing but proud and excited to show our Riley Bear and we celebrate his birthday every January.
─ Mallory Smith
In Memory of Theodore
The first day I received my molly bear I cried so hard. I cried because I had forgotten what my son felt like in my arms, he weighed 7lbs 10 oz. I was so happy to have something I could hold on to and love when I had those really bad days. I remember on more than a few occasions I'd wake up with my molly bear on my chest, as if I was sleeping with my son. I can never have my him back but my molly bear gave me a chance to have a small part of him and there's no way I could ever repay the people at Molly Bear's for that. They are angels in the darkest of hours for parents grieving their babies. I am so grateful for my Molly Bear!
─ Sheltcey Evans
In Memory of Carter Dobbs
Having our Carter Bear means having a little bit of Carter to hold in our home.
─ Ashley Dobbs
In Memory of Alayna
We received our bear in the fall of 2011, just prior to the first angelversary of our first born daughter Alayna. Since then, the Alayna bear has become a part of our family. She's included in our family photos and she shares a room with 2 of her 3 younger siblings. The Alayna bear has provided us a tangible source of comfort. Feeling the weight of Alayna in our arms helps fill the permanent void in our lives.
─ Jodie Goetz
In Memory of Kameron Zenen Castello
We received our Molly Bear about 9 months after we lost our son. I was anxiously awaiting for it I the mail. When it came it took me a few hours to open it. When i picked up the package it bought back so many emotions. When I was finally ready I opened it and hugged it so hard. It felt so good to hold that 4lbs 8 oz again. Our Kambear means so much to my family my other children love to hug and sleep with it. Kambear will always be in our family pictures. Thank you so much Molly Bear we are forever grateful for our Kambear.
─ Nicole Castello
In Memory of Maddox
We lost our son Maddox in February 2016. We received our Molly Bear only a week after his first birthday. Our Molly Bear is a huge part of our family. We feel that it's a perfect way to represent our angel in all of our pictures & attending holidays & special events.

He provides so much comfort and helps fill a hole in my heart. Feeling Maddox's weight laying on my chest again is an incredible feeling. This picture was taken about a month after Maddox's First Birthday. We are expecting our rainbow baby and of course our Molly Bear helped fill in for Maddox.
─ Kesha Haymore
In Memory of Amelia
We are so thankful for our Amelia Bear. She allows us to have a physical representation of our daughter. She helps make our family feel more complete.
─ Karen Hamby
In Memory of Levi Mitchell
Our Levi bear joined our family just before the holidays, 9 months after losing Levi. His older brothers instantly fell in love with bear and I'm sure his rainbow sibling, born just 10 months later, will also feel the connection to the bear. Our Levi bear is a permanent addition to the family and helps fill the void that was left in our hearts. Thank you Molly Bears for all you do. Levi's bday was in March and we will be making a donation in his memory.
─ Ashley Chapman
In Memory of Logan
Our "logan" bear allows us to have something physical on important days that we want to include our baby boy in. We just celebrated Logan's 1st Birthday in Heaven and it gave us so much comfort. His 3 big sisters give it hugs and kisses and I think it eases their heartache as well.
─ Nicole Chambers
In Memory of Mack Thomas Simmons
Our Mack Bear brings something tangible to hold when our angel seems so far away. It's a reminder of his life and a way to incorporate him into our family until we hold him again.
─ Alyssa Simmons
In Memory of Brady
Our Brady Bear is a true blessing to us. He is in all of our family photos as he represents the little boy that should be there. It's nothing in true comparison of our sweet boy sitting on our laps, but to us this is something that can be there with us, that signifies him, and his life. Something that shows that he did exist- and still does in our hearts. That he was, and always is, a part of our family. It's something that we can hold in our aching arms when we are missing him the most as we make these precious memories without him. Our Brady Bear has made family picture enjoyable again. A priceless gift to a grieving family's heart.
─ Amanda Charon
In Memory of Jaden & Lucas
My Molly Bears are so special to me because not only are they way for me to physically, even though symbolically, hold my babies, but they are a tangible way for my daughter to interact with her brothers. I've have two angel baby boys- Jaden (stillbirth) and Lucas (born at 26 weeks, lived for one month in the NICU). They are in my thoughts and heart all the time and I just want to express my gratitude to the founders and volunteers at Molly Bears. You truly make a hard thing just a little easier.
─ Jennifer Fox
In Memory of Ava & Kiley
When our twins were born in April 2014, we were devastated to learn our daughter, Ava, was stillborn. Her identical twin, Kiley was born alive, but in critical condition. The four days that Kiley lived in the NICU were a whirlwind of emotions for our family. We were grieving the loss of one twin while holding onto hope for our surviving twin. Unfortunately, Kiley joined her sister in Heaven. We weren't able to hold both our girls together while in the hospital nor do we have any photos of them together. The day our Molly Bears arrived in the mail and we held both bears in our arms brought us to tears.

Our bears represent the first time we could truly fathom what it would have been like to hold both our daughters. They are also a way our 6 year old and 3 month old can connect with their sisters. We feel fortunate to have our Ava and Kiley bears and are grateful to the people who made the bears.
─ Jessica Luntta
In Memory of Noah McGinnis
Our little Noah Bear is such an awesome blessing to our family! When I placed my 'order' for my Molly Bear, my only request was that it have his name so I could use it for photos... and it does! Perfect! I remember it arrived the few days after Noah's first birthday, making it a little easier! I love to see my kids snuggling the bear! My oldest slept with him for the longest time, until we had to put him up because of the dog. Molly Bears, you have provided something so perfect and so wonderful! I am blessed! Thank you!
─ Mariah McGinnis
In Memory of Erika Leonela
To hold her felt so warming remembering me of when I held Erika for the first time. I cried holding it feeling so many emotions. I lost her 37 weeks to umbilical cord being wrapped around twice. She's been gone a little over 8 months. and has helped my oldest daughter Nayeli so much to be able to put Erika's clothes on her and cuddle with her molly bear. This pic is all 3 of my girls. Nayeli oldest Martha middle child and my angel Erika (Molly Bear).
─ Paula Amaya
In Memory of Logan Alexander
We lost our baby, Logan at 18 weeks on February 9, 2016 after a very surprising doctor visit where we found out our very healthy baby now had no heartbeat. After having had 2 miscarriages prior (and one after Logan) our hearts were and are completely broken.

As soon as I held our bear, my eyes filled with tears and something inside of me was restored. Feeling his weight, holding him close to my face takes me right back to that day at the hospital. We are so thankful for our Logan bear!

Sandy made our bear and she did an amazing job at capturing the exact look we had in mind to remind us of Logan. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!
─ Joel & Lauren Woo
In Memory of Isaac
Being able to feel what your baby's weight felt like again in your arms is amazing.
─ Tricia Halford
In Memory of Timothy Boaz
This picture is so special because our boys our together, our rainbow baby Jadon and his big brother Timothy "Bear".
─ Candace Tamblingson
In Memory of Lily
We lost Lily in March 2014 to trisomy 18. A year and 4 months later we welcomed her beautiful rainbow baby sister. Our Lily Bear is a way for us to include a missing piece of family into all of our family photos and that just makes me heart so full of love.
─ Lauren Kaye
In Memory of Gabriel Anthony Romeros
This Molly Bear means everything. It's a way for me to have my son hear with me even though he can't be. I love that the bear weighs exactly what my son does. It's like holding my baby boy all over again.
─ Molly Bitterman
In Memory of Stella Elizabeth Davis
Being able to hold the weight of my daughter now years after she has passed brings a sense of remembrance. After so long we tend to lose those little memories. So when i pick that bear up it helps take me back to that moment and and reminds me she is real. She may not physically be here anymore but she was.
─ Liz Davis
In Memory of Wesley
Our Molly Bear has given us all something to hold on too, something to include in photos and something tangible our daughters can have to remember and include our sweet Wesley into our daily life, forever our always Wesley Jon.
─ Ashley Fischer
In Memory of Bennett
Our "Bennett Bear" means the world to our family! While we know our Bennett is always with us, our Bear gives us something to actually physically have a reminder of our Angel and to include him in our family. He will always be included in our family pictures.

Our Bennett Bear also often gave us some sense of comfort on those nights that were extremely hard and all we wanted was to feel our baby boy again!
─ Courtney Reule
In Memory of Thatcher Cole Bailey
Our Molly Bear gives us a chance to not only feel our son in our arms again but it gives us an amazing opportunity to ensure that he is represented when we have family pictures done. A reminder to us that he is always there and meant something to his family even though his time with us was brief.
─ Kerri Bailey
In Memory of Adelynn
Our Addie Bear helped us celebrate Adelynn's first birthday!
─ Emily Brush
In Memory of Levi Mitchell
Our Levi Bear came to us just before our first Christmas without him. It was perfect. It helped fill some of the void that was left behind when we lost him. The 5 lb 9 oz bear fit just as perfectly in our arms as he had. While nothing can ever replace him, our Molly Bear was able to give us the cuddle we longed for. Our Molly Bear is a big part of Levi's big brothers lives and his little sister, our rainbow baby, will grow up knowing she has the perfect guardian angel watching over her.
─ Ashley Chapman
In Memory of Mila Marie Voogt
For us this is Bear is a way to honor our sweet Angel. Right now it sits atop a shelf right next to her tiny urn and several things we set out to remember her by. One day in the future we plan to let Mila's twin brother have the bear to remember his sister by.
─ Chelsey & Kevin Voogt
In Memory of Lyle III, Liam, Kenneth & Carrie
We had triplets at 23 weeks on December 9, 2014. Kenneth Greyson, Liam Alexander and Lyle Gene III lived for 3, 6 and 11 days respectively. They were between 1 lbs 1oz and 1lb 4 oz. In 2015 we found out we were pregnant again with quads. At 26 weeks and 2 days on November 9, 2015 weighing in between 1lb 13oz and 1 lb 15 oz Lyle Kenneth Alexander IV, Sophia Arloa, Carrie Olive and Greyson Liam Gene were born. At five weeks old on Christmas Eve in 2015 Carrie passed away. We have our four bears and three surviving quadruplets to represent our seven children. Our Bears are not just something physical for us to hold onto, but also for their siblings to cherish as they grow up.
─ Jen Unger
In Memory of Annabelle
Our Molly Bear is a way for us to show in our pictures that we are missing a piece of our hearts..a piece of our family. It represents our beautiful daughter who should be there in it's place. Unfortunately so many people forget or just don't think about her like we do and our Molly Bear helps to remind that we will always be missing our angel. We love our Molly Bear and our kids do too!
─ Susan Logue
In Memory of Madelyn
I affectionately call it our "Maddie Bear" because our daughter's name is Madelyn. She is part of our triplets, her surviving sisters are Kate and Emerie. We miss her everyday, but to have our Bear to fill that void for things like their first birthday pictures helps bring peace to my heart. It's a great thing that y'all do and as Madelyn's momma, I am forever greatful.
─ Amber Lewis
In Memory of Baby
My husband and I experienced the loss of our first child in May of 2012. It was absolutely heartbreaking. I heard about Molly Bears shortly after & placed an order. We received our bear, and she is perfect. Every time we get family photos done, we make sure our bear is included in our pictures, as we feel it's the best way to include our angel. In April of this year, we we're blessed with our rainbow baby. This our family now, our sunshine, our angel and our rainbow. Our perfect (to us) family, and I thank Molly Bears for making these pictures possible!
─ Margaret LeGrange
In Memory of Kevin
The day we received our Molly Bear, it made our hearts fuller. I had quadruplets July 7th 2015 at just 24 weeks. 3 days later we lost our sweet Kevin. He was the biggest of the four weighing in at 1 lb 5 oz. we love and miss him so much. We love our Kevin bear! We include him in everything we do. Thank you again Molly Bears.
─ Meaghan Lane
In Memory of Collin
Our Molly Bear is a keepsake that allows us to physically include our angel Collin in our family. We recently welcomed our rainbow baby and were able to capture this precious moment of our angel baby and our rainbow baby. Thank you Molly Bears for making this moment possible.
─ Cara Messerschmidt
In Memory of Angelle Ana Ortiz
It's been 8 months since my daughter was born aleeping. I could never predict what my emotions will be tomorrow but I know that on those difficult days I will always have my Angelle Bear to hug tight.
─ Ana Ortiz
In Memory of Kayla Mackenzie Smith
My Molly Bear means the entire world to me. I received my Kayla bear shortly before my angel's 1st birthday. It was so nice to be able to celebrate her day and have a part of her with us. My oldest daughter loves bringing Kayla Bear out with us and telling everyone who will listen about her. I cannot wait until my younger kids are able to understand so they know all about their older sister too!
─ Diedre Smith
In Memory of Andrew
We lost our son Andrew when he was 10-weeks-old to SIDS/SUDI in August 2016. We received our Andrew Bear right before his 1st birthday, just in time. Physically feeling the weight of Andrew again has been such a comfort for us. There's even something about the Bear's smile that reminds me of Drew.

This is a photo of the day we found out the gender of our rainbow baby. It is so nice to be able to include a representation of Andrew in our family photos.

Thank you Molly Bears!
─ Samantha Ebner
In Memory of Cameron
I’m not sure where to start… Our Molly Bear has become a part of our family. When our baby Cameron past away in July of 2016, I was sent our Molly Bear soon after. Holding our Molly Bear (we call ours Cameron Bear) lets me feel closer to my little boy, and brings me comfort when I need to hold my baby. Our Molly Bear does not take the place of our baby boy, but holds a place for him in our family. Our Molly Bear has helped me out of depression, and brings me a sense of peace when I need it most. I will always miss my little boy and the pain of losing him will always be there, but having our Molly Bear helps me to get through the rough days and nights.
─ Barbara Modrow
20 In Memory of Kendyn 20
My husband and I tragically lost our first baby girl, Kendyn, last July when she was born at 19 weeks and 5 days. We received our 12.2oz Molly Bear in early November almost 2 months after finding out we were pregnant again. We were excited, scared, and very nervous about this pregnancy. We are thrilled to share that our second daughter, Reagan, was born on May 2. We are so thankful to have our Molly Bear to share with her as a keepsake in honor of her sister who is her guardian angel.
─ Erin Miller
In Memory of Hadley Ann
We received our Hadley Bear a few months before our Rainbow Baby, Lennon, was born. The comfort and happiness it has brought our family is impossible to describe. We have loved getting to experience the feeling of holding our sweet Hadley in our arms. Hadley’s older siblings love sharing our bear with all our friends and family. We’re so grateful for the entire Molly Bear crew! There is no thank you big enough to express the healing you have brought to our family!!
─ Katie Downing
In Memory of Sophie
Our Sophie Bear means more to us than I could ever put into words. She helped us grieve and heal in a way that was so special to us. Pictured is with her baby brother, our rainbow baby.
─ Lauren Waterson
In Memory of Asher Tate
Our Sweet Angel, Asher Tate was born on November 1, 2016. In January we were finally able to get our order in for our own Molly Bear. This past weekend, we received our "Asher" Bear! We can't thank you enough for sharing this with other families and giving loss families the opportunity to have a bear to hold when our arms were so empty. Pictured with our Asher bear are big brother and big sister who haven't smiled like this in months! Thank you Molly Bears and all volunteers for sending us so much comfort! We absolutely love our Asher Bear! We pray God's blessings on each one of you!
─ Gina Chambers
In Memory of Alyssa Shay
When we received our Alyssa Bear we cried and hugged it so hard. This has ment so much to our family. We r enjoying her attending family functions with us. My baby boy has something to hold and talk to as he talks to his big sister. Alyssa is our middle baby and her sister misses her so much, this bear has given substance to our memories.
─ Misty Brassfield
In Memory of Grey Allen
Nearly three years ago we found out we were expecting. This came as quite the surprise considering my husband had a vasectomy 8 years prior! We had 5 children between us already (from previous marriages), ranging from age 15 down to 8 years old. After we recovered from the surprise, we couldn't be more thrilled to have a baby that was ours. Grey was born the day before my 39th birthday and was the best gift I've ever recieved! He was a perfect, healthy boy! 3 months and 15 days later, he stopped breathing while at daycare and was rushed to the hospital. We met him there but there was nothing they could do. We still don't have any answers as to why or how this happened. They could find nothing wrong with him. 6 months later I heard about Molly Bears and immediately knew this is what I needed to help my grieving. I needed to hold him again, feel that weight. Friends and family worried it would make the process harder for me. When my Grey bear arrived, I cried all day but I didn't put him down. My children and husband all wanted turns to hold him too. From that day forward, I've felt a calm come over me. I'll never get over the hole in my heart but holding this bear and being able to bring him with us on memorable events has made them easier to handle. The attached picture is of our family at our recent wedding. Having our Grey bear there in the middle was perfect to tie our family together!
─ Belinda Manning
In Memory of Cooper
My Molly Bear has helped me a TON. You guys seriously thought of the best idea ever. I can't tell you how many times I hugged my Cooper bear and cried. My kids love to cuddle with him. They can barely pick him up though at 9lbs ?. It gives us something TANGLIBLE for family photos, when an absence would just be too painful. I knew I had to incorporate our bear in our pregnancy announcement photo, and I think this photo turned out perfect. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.
─ Jen Chappell
In Memory of Declan
Thank you Molly Bears for giving me this. This is Kyler and his twin brother Declan and their older brother Kade.
─ Kristal MacTavish
In Memory of Wiley Everett Spangler
Our identical twin boys were born at 33 weeks. We lost one at only a day old. Our Wiley Bear is an everyday reminder of our sweet angel and I love having something there to resemble him in family photos. It also helps his twin; He loves to cuddle his bear and talk about Wiley!
─ Cortney Spangler
In Memory of Jaxon
Our Jaxon Bear is everything we thought it would Be! His twin Sawyer loves him and in some way just knows it's not a regular Bear! You guy's rock and what everyone does means so much...Angels on earth for our Angels above.
─ Jennifer Coggins
In Memory of Kendall Ann
We love having our Kendall Bear with us to hug and cherish. Her twin misses her sister and now we have our Bear to hold onto.
─ Stacey Holland
In Memory of Isaiah & Herbie
Our Bears allow us to tangibly include both of our boys in our lives. Molly Bears allows us to see all three of our children together, which is priceless to our family.
─ Kandis Tubb
In Memory of Gwendolyn Everly
My biggest regret in life is that I didn't hold my daughter. She was born still at 23 weeks and had been gone for a few days so she wasn't in the best shape, at the time I just couldn't handle it. I didn't want to remember her like that. I was so excited when I learned about Molly Bears, I couldn't believe that I'd get a chance to hold her! Our Gwendolyn Bear arrived not long before her first birthday and I am so grateful for that. I'm so grateful this company exists.

This is the first of many pictures of our Gwendolyn Bear with our rainbow baby Jensen. I can't wait until he's old enough to understand just how important this little Bear is.
─ Kayla Charles
In Memory of Westlyn
My baby girl will always have her guardian angel sister Westlyn with her. I always add my Westlyn Bear family photos and pics with her sister Oaklyn. It’s the only way I will be able to have both babies together!
─ Makenna Wright
In Memory of TrynLeigh Dae Ellis
This bear has helped my family so much. Our TrynLeigh Bear helps us to have something physical as a representation of our sweet angel. She went to see Santa with us and to see Christmas lights! She goes to school with my other children and sometimes we take turns sleeping with her. We recently found out we were expecting again and she will most definitely be a part of our family pictures from now on! We are so blessed to have this beautiful bear in our lives. While nothing can ever replace my sweet baby, this bear helps our grieving arms and hearts.
─ Teirra Ellis
In Memory of Caydean Adam
When I was pregnant with Caydean all I could think about was a picture of him with Santa at Bass Pro. This Santa and his elves were amazing to me. I walked up to them and asked if they wouldn't mind if I could get a picture taken like this and explained my story. Of course the tears started. I asked them not to laugh at my request. They said that Santa would be happy to do it for me. So I walked over to the line with tears still building in my eyes. As the young Landy went over and told him my story. He got up and waved me up to him and hugged me and asked me how long it's been. Asked me to sit and I said no I didn't want to be in the picture. I told him I always loved this background and wanted it for my child and this was the only way I would ever have it. So they took a couple shots and let me take one with my phone. Then after Santa prayed with me because he knew my heart was still broken. I give Bass Pro praise for the people they hire for this job.
─ Tanya Sullivan
In Memory of Christian McMichael
We lost our sweet Christian on Veteran's Day 2010. He and his twin brother Tanner were born at 25 weeks, and Christian died of kidney failure at just 18 days old. We got our Molly Bear about a year after he passed, and it's been a constant source of comfort on our hardest days.

This year we took Tanner to Disney World, and I took this picture at the Animal Kingdom Lodge. It's so very bittersweet, but it's perfect. Our Molly Bear is the closest thing we have to getting a picture of them together again, and I am so thankful.

Thank you for helping fill the 1 lb 13 oz hole in our hearts.
─ Morgan Porada
In Memory of Emma Marie Graziano
This Molly Bear is absolutley amazing. It is beautiful and means so much to my wife and I. Holding it reminds us that Emma is here with us through our tough times. Our journey was a long one with multiple miscarriages in the first trimester. Emma was our 3rd pregnancy with very high hopes, making it to 24 weeks of pregnancy. She will forever be our baby girl and love her with all of our hearts. We want to thank Molly Bears, and Jessica who we think made our bear. It is a beautiful tangible way to hold our angel again.
─ Daniel Graziano
In Memory of Viviana, Charles & Paul
I wanted to get Santa's picture, but was nervous to go alone. I asked if some mom's from my hospital's loss support group wanted to come and before we knew it we had a mom's night out. It was a positive experience and we got to share our Babies and our Bears with everyone. We raised a little awareness that day and got the message out what Molly Bears does.
─ Jennifer Phillips
In Memory of Brynne Willow
My Molly Bear means so much to our family, as it’s a great way to remember our Brynne Willow. Our two year old loves it and even calls it sissy.
─ Katy Clayton
In Memory of Weston Kenneth Whittaker
"I love my Weston bear. We lost our second baby boy two days before his due date. The umbilical cord was tied in a knot. After delivering my stillborn son we got to hold him and keep him with us in the hospital room the rest of the day. My bear allows me to hold Weston again. He provides so much comfort in a very difficult time."

─ Brittany Whittaker

In Memory of Mateo
My Molly Bear means so much to me it helps me get through the times when I’m feeling that emptiness. I lost my son so unexpectedly. I went to the hospital to get induced and when they were hooking me to the monitors they couldn’t find my baby’s heart beat. They did an ultrasound and unfortunately he had already passed away it was all so confusing because that same morning I had went to an appointment and had an ultrasound done and they had told me he was perfectly fine. My bear has helped me and my husband so much and I want to thank everybody who helped out in the making of my bear.

─ Yomira Ramirez

In Memory of Amelia Rose Bartley
"My Amelia Bear couldn't have come at a better time. Next month would be her 1st angelversary and having her here for it, means the word to us. 8 months was well worth the wait for this perfect baby. ❤️ She was heavy on my mind today and to come home and see that out Amelia Bear has arrived, made my day so much better! Thank you so much Molly Bear for giving the opportunity for families to hold their little loves again!"

─ Elizabeth Woods

In Memory of Makaela Ann Ness
 I am at a loss for words! I absolutely LOVE my Molly Bear! I am so glad I heard about the organization! Our weighted bear makes me feel comforted! I know my baby girl is watching down on her mommy and daddy! My Molly Bear is perfect!.

─ Kari Ness

In Memory of Peyton Avery and Baby M
During the middle of May 2014, we found out we were expecting our first child. I had told my husband about my suspicion of possibly being pregnant and we had decided to take a pregnancy test together that evening when he got home from work. Well, I couldn't wait that long. As the test read positive, I immediately streamed happy tears. We had just started trying and I just remember feeling overwhelming joy. I told my husband that evening and his reaction was everything I had hoped to see. 

After letting it sink in somewhat, my husband put his back against our refrigerator and slid down to the kitchen floor, saying ever so sweetly, "It's going to be a girl! I'm going to be so outnumbered!" (Side note: We have two ornery, female Yorkshire Terrier puppies). I will always remember that moment.

Fast forward to the gender reveal party. My husband found out the gender at our anatomy sonogram the Tuesday prior to the party on Saturday, as he wanted to surprise me, along with the rest of our family members. He did just that! He had convinced me all week long somehow that we were going to be welcoming a sweet little boy into the world. I was EXTREMELY surprised and very excited when the box of balloons sprung out pink balloons. That moment will forever be one of the best memories that I share with my husband.

Around 25 weeks during the pregnancy, my doctor had concerns about the rate that my stomach was growing so we went in for a sonogram one morning. That same afternoon I was called back in to see the specialist doctor she pairs with and another sonogram was done. Peyton was measuring three weeks small and I was put on growth restriction. At the time, I thought that was the worst news I could hear. I cried off and on that night, wondering what I could do differently to help my baby grow. My husband was supportive and encouraged me to think positively and pray. We did pray, every day and every night, hoping and praying that the worst to happen was that she may come early, but that she would have enough medical support to be safe. We began doing monthly sonograms to measure her growth and weekly biophysical assessments on Peyton to measure her respiration, heart rate, blood flow, movement, and amniotic fluid levels.

On November 26th, 2014, at 30 weeks pregnant (the day before Thanksgiving that year), we went in for a regularly scheduled check-up. Our sonogram technician could not find Peyton's heartbeat. I remember looking at her, then looking at my husband, and just immediately falling into the loudest sob I had ever managed. My husband came over and grabbed my hands and started praying with me. Of everything that tragically happened that day, I will always remember that his instinct was to pray and I will feel forever grateful for him for reminding me to trust in God and not to blame Him for our loss. Instead we have focused on Peyton being in Heaven and God being her protector. I gave birth to her at 11:45 PM that night and I will never forget any of this experience... The precious moments, the unbelievable love, and also the pain. I still remember the smallest details... What I ate for breakfast that morning, the work that I did that morning, that we had plans to grocery shop for our Thanksgiving meal after visiting the doctor like it would be just another normal day, what we were wearing, and how the weather felt on Thanksgiving Day that year as we left the hospital, with our arms and hearts empty. It was then that our healing process began and only with the strength of God walking alongside us.

Some day we will meet her, but until then I will always remember her little kicks and all of the memories my husband and I created while she was with us for the 210 days she was planned by God to be with us. Neither one of us had ever felt pain so deep. It literally seemed as if someone was twisting and turning our hearts and the tears would not cease. I even remember my husband calming me awake because I would cry and whimper in my sleep. We took each day slowly and truly leaned on God and then each other to find a new sense of normalcy. I had to forgive myself for something that I blamed my body for at the time.

Following in March of 2015, my doctor was able to find a surgical fix, which led to the beautiful blessing of our son, Greyson, who shares the same middle name as his sister (Avery). Our rainbow baby, Greyson, was born on 04/05/16. We find many ways to show remembrance of our sweet Peyton. Greyson is learning all about his big sister in Heaven and we know she is loving us from afar. Some days are easier than others and some of the deep pain felt from losing her will always be present in our hearts. Our largest supporter in this tragedy has always been God. We trust in Him wholeheartedly and find hope in spending eternity with Peyton in Heaven.

Molly Bears has created with love not only one bear for us, but now two to represent the losses we have endured and the angel babies we have waiting for us in Heaven. I know that both Peyton (11/26/2014) and Baby M (07/2017) send their love in many forms daily and while we are physically apart for now, our hearts are all connected. Molly Bears has created two beautiful bears, Peyton Bear and Baby M Bear, to allow us a sense of a physical representation for our sweet babes gone too soon. Greyson loves giving Peyton Bear and Baby M Bear hugs and they are such a comfort in our arms during those moments where our mountainous grief returns. Along with this, Molly Bears has given us an opportunity to have family pictures taken in full to represent the entirety of our family. When you see us in person, we may look like two parents with one sweet baby boy. In reality, we have three loved children and make up a family of five. This is our family and there is so much love shared between us!! My family and I thank Molly Bears for offering us the ability to have physical representations of our babies with us on this earth. The amount of handcrafted love, from the bears to the letters to the customer service portion of the organization, is simply amazing!!

"He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds." - Psalm 147:3.

"He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away." - Revelation 21:4.!

─ Melissa McCook


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