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Molly Bear Testimonials


My Fetey Bear arrived this Morning. It is perfect. The attention to detail Nd the weight is so comforting. I love the little duckie ribbon and blankie included. My loss was in the first trimester and we didn’t know the gender yet. The onky thing I had for my Fetey was a little plush duckie holding a blanket (That now sits on the bed if my rainbow boy) Having this little Bear is just noce to have something tangible. Something to remember my sweet angel baby. Thank you.
- Megan Weber


My Benjamin bear means everything to me. The first night I got him, I held my bear so tight & fell asleep hugging him. Though I cried a lot, having my bear weigh what my Benjamin weighs was perfect. I miss my boy so much, I'm glad I have something made for him for me to hold. Thank you so much to everyone involved. Special thanks to Sabrina, Baby September, Baby June, & Baby October for my Benjamin bear.
- Norma Garcia

Weston Kenneth Whittaker

I love my Weston bear. We lost our second baby boy two days before his due date. The umbilical cord was tied in a knot. After delivering my stillborn son we got to hold him and keep him with us in the hospital room the rest of the day. My bear allows me to hold Weston again. He provides so much comfort in a very difficult time.
- Brittany Whittaker


My molly bear means so much to me it helps me get through the time when I’m felling that emptiness. I lot my son so unexpectedly. I went to the hospital to get induced and when they were hooking me to the monitors they couldn’t find my baby’s heat beat. They did an ultrasound and unfortunately he had already passed away it was all so confusing because that same morning I had went to an appointment and had an ultrasound done and they had told me he was perfectly find. My bear has help me and my husband so much and I want to thank everybody who helped out in the making of my bear.
- Yomira Ramirez


I lost my son to SIDS at just 3 months old on 7/9/13. My Elijah Molly Bear has been the most amazing gift. I recieved my bear a month after my mom passed unexpectedly. This bear helped to heal my heart and bring comfort in my darkest hours. In July of 2018 I was blessed with my rainbow daughter. She has taken a picture with her brother's bear every month. It continues to help us heal.
- Meghan Forton

Amelia Rose Bartley

My Amelia Bear couldn't have come at a better time. Next month would be her 1st angelversary and having her here for it, means the word to us. 8 months was well worth the wait for this perfect baby. ❤️ She was heavy on my mind today and to come home and see that out Amelia Bear has arrived, made my day so much better! Thank you so much Molly Bear for giving the opportunity for families to hold their little loves again!
- Elizabeth Woods

Makaela Ann Ness

I am at a loss for words! I absolutely LOVE my Molly Bear! I am so glad I heard about the organization! Our weighted bear makes me feel comforted! I know my baby girl is watching down on her mommy and daddy! My Molly Bear is perfect!
- Kari Ness

Aiden Michael Eliason

My “Aiden” bear means the world to me and couldn’t have arrived at a better time I have been missing my angel so much and struggling so hard I absolutely love my bear! Thank you so much for providing some comfort to grieving families, it’s truly a blessing!!
- Sadie Eliason

Valor Wyatt Lowe

He means everything to not only is parent but our kids he was number 12 for us so our kids lean on his bear for everything. We promised every family trip we took every thing we did he would be with us. This was his actual due date he got to take his first trip to the beach?
- Rachel Low

Miranda Renee

We just received her in the mail today. She's perfect. I cried seeing her because my daughter was this tiny. Thank you so so much. Her daddy & I will treasure our Miranda bear forever
- Jennifer Bragel


Our Molly Bear has meant the world to us. We got the Bear literally 7 days, a week before our rainbow baby. I took this Bear with us to the hospital, the same one we had our son in.
This picture means so much to me, it has Braxton’s blanket that we were able to hold him during the little less than 24 hours we had with him. It has his molly Bear that is so heavy, our boy was a chuck, that it can support his sister in sitting up.... which makes me smile, it’s like he’s holding her, and is in her room and watches her sleep. And then the elephant has the same yarn from the blanket that was crocheted for us that he was Buried in.
This molly Bear has helped me grieve loosing my son, Braxton, in more way than I could ever imagine. Your work is so touching, and amazing. I would love to be able to help, if needed.... your more than welcome to use my picture in any way, and I have the Rights to it.
May god bless you all, you are doing amazing work to families who have lost a piece of the their heart for forever. And when we need it, we can just hold our bear and snuggle/cuddle/ cry or whatever you need to do, and also help our little girl understand a little bit better.

Amanda wells
- Amanda Wells

Peyton Avery and Baby M

During the middle of May 2014, we found out we were expecting our first child. I had told my husband about my suspicion of possibly being pregnant and we had decided to take a pregnancy test together that evening when he got home from work. Well, I couldn't wait that long. As the test read positive, I immediately streamed happy tears. We had just started trying and I just remember feeling overwhelming joy. I told my husband that evening and his reaction was everything I had hoped to see.

After letting it sink in somewhat, my husband put his back against our refrigerator and slid down to the kitchen floor, saying ever so sweetly, "It's going to be a girl! I'm going to be so outnumbered!" (Side note: We have two ornery, female Yorkshire Terrier puppies). I will always remember that moment.

Fast forward to the gender reveal party. My husband found out the gender at our anatomy sonogram the Tuesday prior to the party on Saturday, as he wanted to surprise me, along with the rest of our family members. He did just that! He had convinced me all week long somehow that we were going to be welcoming a sweet little boy into the world. I was EXTREMELY surprised and very excited when the box of balloons sprung out pink balloons. That moment will forever be one of the best memories that I share with my husband.

Around 25 weeks during the pregnancy, my doctor had concerns about the rate that my stomach was growing so we went in for a sonogram one morning. That same afternoon I was called back in to see the specialist doctor she pairs with and another sonogram was done. Peyton was measuring three weeks small and I was put on growth restriction. At the time, I thought that was the worst news I could hear. I cried off and on that night, wondering what I could do differently to help my baby grow. My husband was supportive and encouraged me to think positively and pray. We did pray, every day and every night, hoping and praying that the worst to happen was that she may come early, but that she would have enough medical support to be safe. We began doing monthly sonograms to measure her growth and weekly biophysical assessments on Peyton to measure her respiration, heart rate, blood flow, movement, and amniotic fluid levels.

On November 26th, 2014, at 30 weeks pregnant (the day before Thanksgiving that year), we went in for a regularly scheduled check-up. Our sonogram technician could not find Peyton's heartbeat. I remember looking at her, then looking at my husband, and just immediately falling into the loudest sob I had ever managed. My husband came over and grabbed my hands and started praying with me. Of everything that tragically happened that day, I will always remember that his instinct was to pray and I will feel forever grateful for him for reminding me to trust in God and not to blame Him for our loss. Instead we have focused on Peyton being in Heaven and God being her protector. I gave birth to her at 11:45 PM that night and I will never forget any of this experience... The precious moments, the unbelievable love, and also the pain. I still remember the smallest details... What I ate for breakfast that morning, the work that I did that morning, that we had plans to grocery shop for our Thanksgiving meal after visiting the doctor like it would be just another normal day, what we were wearing, and how the weather felt on Thanksgiving Day that year as we left the hospital, with our arms and hearts empty. It was then that our healing process began and only with the strength of God walking alongside us.

Some day we will meet her, but until then I will always remember her little kicks and all of the memories my husband and I created while she was with us for the 210 days she was planned by God to be with us. Neither one of us had ever felt pain so deep. It literally seemed as if someone was twisting and turning our hearts and the tears would not cease. I even remember my husband calming me awake because I would cry and whimper in my sleep. We took each day slowly and truly leaned on God and then each other to find a new sense of normalcy. I had to forgive myself for something that I blamed my body for at the time.

Following in March of 2015, my doctor was able to find a surgical fix, which led to the beautiful blessing of our son, Greyson, who shares the same middle name as his sister (Avery). Our rainbow baby, Greyson, was born on 04/05/16. We find many ways to show remembrance of our sweet Peyton. Greyson is learning all about his big sister in Heaven and we know she is loving us from afar. Some days are easier than others and some of the deep pain felt from losing her will always be present in our hearts. Our largest supporter in this tragedy has always been God. We trust in Him wholeheartedly and find hope in spending eternity with Peyton in Heaven.

Molly Bears has created with love not only one bear for us, but now two to represent the losses we have endured and the angel babies we have waiting for us in Heaven. I know that both Peyton (11/26/2014) and Baby M (07/2017) send their love in many forms daily and while we are physically apart for now, our hearts are all connected. Molly Bears has created two beautiful bears, Peyton Bear and Baby M Bear, to allow us a sense of a physical representation for our sweet babes gone too soon. Greyson loves giving Peyton Bear and Baby M Bear hugs and they are such a comfort in our arms during those moments where our mountainous grief returns. Along with this, Molly Bears has given us an opportunity to have family pictures taken in full to represent the entirety of our family. When you see us in person, we may look like two parents with one sweet baby boy. In reality, we have three loved children and make up a family of five. This is our family and there is so much love shared between us!! My family and I thank Molly Bears for offering us the ability to have physical representations of our babies with us on this earth. The amount of handcrafted love, from the bears to the letters to the customer service portion of the organization, is simply amazing!!

"He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds." - Psalm 147:3.

"He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away." - Revelation 21:4.
- Melissa McCook